Career Journeys

Choosing a career, navigating family and career, starting and scaling businesses, being stuck in an unrewarding career, changing careers, location neutral work, re-entry into workforce after staying at home, asking for raises, inventing/patents, navigating difficult situations and job exits, finding a business or life coach


School choices, college application process, determining a major and career options, going back to school, online school

Health and Illness

AFib, Alzheimer's, anxiety, cancer, celiac, dementia, eating disorders, energy healing, insomnia, meditation, the process of menopause, personal training and fitness, sleep apnea, yoga, weight loss

Life Transitions

Deciding whether to have children, when to have children, or choosing to stay at home, difficult moves, moves abroad, caregiving of aging parents, divorce, custody issues, empty nest, second career, buying and selling homes, estate sales, retirement, caregiving of an ill spouse, life celebrations, end-of-life pet care


Raising kids without family support, navigating different stages, miscarriage, stillbirth, difficult pregnancies, adoption, LGBTQ child, children's health issues including learning disabilities, physical disabilities, ADD, adolescent anxiety , eating disorders, and pituitary tumors, navigating educational 504 plans and IEPs, adolescent competitive sports, injury, and college sports recruiting, parenting adult children

Relationships and Abuse

Unsupportive parents, domestic violence, sexual abuse, abusive relationships, family member drug and/or alcohol abuse

Other Support

First generation immigrants, U.S. citizenship test

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