Frequently asked questions

What is

We are a global community that exists to help one another by sharing our strengths and life experience with anyone going through a situation similar to one we have been through before. You can give help, and you can receive help. matches caring members for one-to-one phone calls at your convenience.

Who is this for?

If you are a caring person who likes giving help to others and receiving help along your journey, this is a community for you. You have value just as you are. Each of us is a traveler walking our own path and valuing the experience of others and a guide sharing what we have been through that might help someone else. Members trust the way we match and like the purposeful conversations that occur.

What happens after I join?

We will have a 15-20 minute intake call to confirm what you’d like to offer to others and what you might want to receive. You pay $25 via credit card to join, paid annually. When there is a match among our caring members, we email each individual to confirm you’d like the introduction. Then, we email you both to introduce you and then you arrange a phone call directly at your convenience.

What is the time commitment?

You get to decide. Because a match is specific to your preferences and we email you for permission before an introduction, you can decide how often you participate. People who ask for help are matched more quickly, but this is not a requirement to join. Those who offer help might be contacted once per month; it just depends when there is a need for what you offer in the community. Most connections are one conversation. You can decide if you would like to stay in touch and arrange how.

How do I know what help I can offer?

The world needs you just as you are. Sharing challenges you have been through can help someone else. Also, we tend to take for granted the things we are good at. What is easy for you but difficult for others? Think about what your friends ask you for help with or what is so fun for you that you lose track of time because you enjoy it so much. If you aren’t sure, your intake call will help you discover the answer.

What would I use this for?

Examples include life transitions, career changes, health, family or relationship issues. At any time, we are all going through something. Whatever you are going through right now, someone has been there before. If the internet has your answer, great. But if you would value a one-on-one conversation specific to you, with you can learn about someone’s experience that might guide your own path. As a member, you can ask to be matched at any time for a caring conversation; you don’t have to be alone. 

How are people matched?

After every member has their intake call, we understand what types of matches you value and ensure each person coming into the community is here to help others. We use The Help List as an internal tool to assist matching, and because we speak to every caring community member, we know which matches feel the best. When there is a match, we email each individual to confirm you’d like the introduction. Then, we email you both to introduce you and you arrange a phone call directly at your convenience.

Can I join as a service provider?

The majority of members are individuals who join to help one another. If you are a service provider, you may join with an annual business membership based on how you’d like to help others. We will note what services you offer, and if a member requests your type of service, with their approval, we will introduce you. We ask that you provide a free sample session of your service. You may ask the individual if they would like more information about your services. Only email specific information with the permission of the community member first. 

What are the ground rules?

Each conversation is a caring space. Treating others with kindness comes first and we do not discriminate based on ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression. Community members will report behavior that violates ground rules and those violating ground rules will be removed from the community. Reach out to at anytime with feedback.