About Us

There are times in life when you are going through something, whether with your career, your health, or a life transition, and you just want to connect with someone who’s gone through something similar. 

But there is no one to talk to....

My name is Rebecca P. Cohen, and I curate a caring community called Share My Journey.org, and I maintain The Help List, where there are people who are willing to offer their knowledge and life experience to those coming after them to make their journey a little bit easier, and everyone can receive help with something they are going through. 

It’s only $25 to join and the way it works is when there’s a match, I email each individual separately to confirm that you’d like the introduction, and then I email both to introduce you so that you can arrange a call directly. 

And that’s it. It’s that simple. There is help available to us all for giving and receiving, and what a wonderful thing to experience in this world. 

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rebecca p. cohen, founder


I haven't always had help along my path, and I want to make it easier and more affordable for us to help one another.

I am a corporate veteran and social entrepreneur, alternating between the comfort of stable income and diving into the unknown with creative projects 

(three published books and an app, see www.beoutsideandgrow.com).

I never knew what my passion was until I started journaling at night after my two young boys went to bed and I cried every morning before work. 

Prior to kids, I worked full time while getting my MBA at night (and loved it). I’ve had to manage bouts of anxiety with myself and my children. I started yoga and meditation 10 years ago, which has helped tremendously. I recently helped a woman practice her English and prepare for the U.S. citizenship test.

I am passionate about helping others, authentic connection, global family travel, time outside, making an impact, being resourceful 

(doing something with no resources), and 

saying “Yes!” when an opportunity presents itself. 

I also love to rest and recharge and make self care a priority.

I'm happy to answer any questions about my journey that can help you. 

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